Mother of Graces

O True treasury of life, perennial river of divine grace, great Queen of Heaven, most Holy Mary, by the ineffable virtues you were so pleasing to god, that you merited to conceive in your virginal womb Jesus Christ, the author himself of life and of grace, and having become Mother of the Man-God, you also became Mother of redeemed Humanity.

Therefore Mother of Grace and of Life, of mercy and of pardon, turn upon me your maternal eyes; contemplate my many spiritual and temporal miseries; raise up to the state of perfect friendship of God; obtain for me the gift of final perseverance.

Whereas you, O Mary, are all-powerful by your prayer to the lord, allow miserable me to choose you as my special patroness.

With the help of your powerful intercession I am certain to obtain of your divine Son, all the graces that are necessary for me to serve God faithfully by the acts of my mind and my body.
In this manner you shall show yourself also to me, in your true character, Mother of divine grace. Thus, I by the grace obtained for me by you, shall live righteously on earth, and shall have the happiness to praise you in heaven. Amen.